Melee Classes

Fighter: A trained warrior that is proficient in different styles of combat, with many weapons, and any armor.

Barbarian: A raging warrior of terrible fury and power, using their sheer strength to survive.

Monk: A highly disciplined warrior, capable mastering the most difficult of feats.

Ranger: A creature of the wild, the whisper of the wind, the predator in the night. Rangers know the land by heart and follow it’s rules.

Arcane Classes

Defiler: Scourge of the land, destroyer of life, creator of death and destruction. Takes the energy of the land and uses it for their own gain

Preserver: Protectors of nature, and the bringers of life. Uses magical energies in a non-harmful way, and replenishes the land through their own energy.

Illusionist: Doesn’t take or give energy of the land, merely changes it for a temporary (or possibly permanent) need.

Divine Classes

Elementalist: “Divine” power from the primordial planes. Drawing power from the planes of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (or possibly, the cosmos itself).

Templar: Right hand men of the Sorcerer-Kings. They are granted their powers when they are in favor of their kings.

Druid: Draws their power from the heart of Athas, or the surrounding ecosystem. The last protectors of the natural resources on Athas.


Bard: Performers, rogues, actors, and musicians all fall under this class, and they are the primary (if not only) provider of morale in Athas.

Thief: Usually hired hands to steal objects/money/supplies. Rogue thieves normally end up as marauders, or nomads among the elves.

Psionicist: Most all intelligent creatures of Athas have some psionic ability, but a Psionicist is a warrior of the mind. Many precognitive, telekinetic, and other such powers are attained by skilled psions.

Quick Note

There is one exception on these pages, and that is the die rolled for health points. The pages are set for D&D 3.5 standard environments, but the environment on Athas is significantly more extreme than most. The die for health points go up by one level (d4 to d6, d6 to d8, etc. with the exception of the d12, which goes to 2d8).


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