Defilers are wizards who have decided to take a
faster, darker approach to mastering the use of magical
spells. In the give and take of spell casting, defilers
are well versed in the taking, but give nothing in
return. With every spell cast, a defiler leeches the
life-energy out of the plants and soil around him,
leaving a lifeless zone. Because of this, defilers can
only have non-good alignments.

These will go off of the standard wizard class stuff, which is here, with exceptions of the rules
below: DEFILER

*Each spell takes up life energy in a 5 foot radius around the caster. All plant life is turned to ash, and the ground becomes barren. This radius increases with higher level spells (5 times 2 to the power of “x”, where “x” is the level of the spell).

*May not cast any healing spell, only inflicting.

*Most are in favor of a Sorcerer-King, and are frequently called into court for inquisition.


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